Thanks to the amazing, gorgeous [personal profile] quiara , I now have a full blown ACCOUNT at Dream Width! I am so excited! What will I use it for? I have no idea. A whole, brand new space to stretch out and test the waters and jump off of things and have slumber parties and, I don't even know, probably crash into a wall because I need a safety helmet to walk anywhere, like Natalie Portman in Garden State, except for the having epilepsy part - I'm just a klutz.

This has been a big, huge, ginormous week for me. I'm on some new medications for my C-PTSD and Anxiety/Depressive disorders and my bipolarosity, and these ones seem to be helping. I will probably create a filter to talk about stuff like this at some later date, but for now, in my first post, I feel the need to let my arse hang about in front of everyone. I've managed to make it to two DMB shows (despite harrassment by staff!), stay overnight in a city that I do not live in, spend hours in an IKEA with the rest of said city, go to Target and Walmart FOR FUN and wanderings, AND make it to a therapy appointment which involved driving around town ALL BY MYSELF. AND I went to the SCARIEST appointment EVER about being re-admitted to school, which I had been dreading forever, and it went WELL!! I'm feeling good, and exhausted, and I'm keeping up my 2 and a half to 4 hour workouts a day, which are giving me something to do while my sister/bff is at work, and keeping my mind off of my shame spiral.

And tomorrow I will go pick up said BFF at work, take her for oral surgery, and then take very good care of her and make her apple sauce and yogurt and soup and other mushy things she can eat with her mouth in ten kinds of pain, and it will be good, because I am very good at taking care of people when they need it, even though recently I've been the one needing the taking care of.

Okay, I think I've shared quite enough personal, raw-innards style stuff for my first official post. I can't wait to poke around here and see what it has to offer!

And again, thanks Q! I heartos you muchos.


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